Services Rendered



A significant amount of our work focuses on the National Help Line where clients receive a variety of services. Newly diagnosed and existing clients can receive relevant information pertaining to the actual condition as well as information covering such issues as diet, exercise, emotional well being, tax implications etc. Referrals to relevant resources such as medical specialists, hospitals, residential care facilities etc. can be provided and general telephonic debriefing, counselling and guidance is offered when required. Telephonic contact is also established with members of the organisation to determine their wellbeing and to identify any specific needs that they may require assistance with. For telephone number check under contact us.


It one of the approaches that is used by the social workers at MSSA society to help people come to terms with any problems that they are facing.  It is the duty of our social workers to encourage people who are living with MS as well as family members to talk about what is bothering them in order to uncover the root of the problem and also identify specific ways of thinking. Counselling sessions also help our clients to find ways of coping.

MSSA is using the following types of therapy/ counselling:

Face to face counselling – Make an appointment with one of counsellors to see them in person.

Individual Counselling / Group Counselling – A person may choose to see one of our counsellors individually without being accompanied by anyone.

Group Counselling – Some people prefer group counselling where they will have an opportunity to meet people who are experiencing similar issues. Group Counselling at MSSA  is conducted during our support groups by our counsellors.

Telephone Counselling – It is a conversation between two people over the phone instead of meeting in person. This is a form of counselling session that accommodates some of our clients who are too busy to attend face to face counselling sessions.

Online CounsellingIt is a form of counselling that offers you a chance to protect your anonymity. On line counselling allows a person to use technology, writing an email to a counsellor instead of physically speaking to a counsellor.


Home visits is the heart of social services. It allows assessments to be made on things such as the client’s well-being, protection, risks, living conditions etc. Physco-social services are rendered holistically during home visits in order to assist client’s to cope positively with MS. Home visits are also used as a relationship building technique between MSSA-Inland and the clients.

The Social Work team at MSSA-Inland conduct home visits where possible within Gauteng to various clients. These home visits are conducted on a regular basis.

Support groups is an approach used to provide people living with MS and their families with an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas. It is a platform for the group members to emotionally support and motivate each other. The support groups are aimed at helping our clients cope better and feel less isolated as they make connections with others facing similar challenges in their daily lives.

The team at MSSA Inland are facilitating a total of 5 support groups in the following areas:

  • Fairview
  • Edenvale
  • Vanderbijlpark
  • Anne Harding Home
  • Steve Biko Hospital- Pretoria

These support groups are held once a month. For more information regarding the support groups or if you would like to become a member of one of the support groups, please contact the MSSA-Inland office.


MSSA social work team conduct referrals when it is necessary. For example our society has a group of neurologists that we are working with and clients are referred to a neurologist closest to where they reside.  Our Inland branch is working hand in hand with different stakeholders, professionals who provide our client’s with the necessary guidance and advice. Please click on the list of neurologist and the list of care facilities that you might be referred to should you look for one that is close to your love ones. Our helpline number, use it to your advantage as our social work team are available from 08h00 am till 16hoo pm every day. Feel free to phone our helpline for guidance.


Awareness campaigns are undertaken in hospitals, old age homes, community centres, schools, shopping malls, workplaces and clinics. This ensures that awareness of the condition and support provided by the organisation is reached by members of the community. Pamphlets and Brochures are continually replenished in the consulting rooms of Neurologists to ensure awareness and involvement in events such as Walk the Talk is undertaken. Check under events tab to see our completed and upcoming awareness projects. Invite us for awareness in your area for free.


It includes campaign and programme activities that promote the well being of people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Advocacy aims to promote lasting changes to people living with MS through programmes that are facilitated by MSSSA society eg. MY Heroes, programmes that motivate positive thinking which lead to positive life style. MSSA is engaged in many different campaigns to help people who are living with MS and their love one so as the community at large to have more knowledge about MS and cope better with the illness. Click on events button to see our awareness campaign and programmes.


MSSA Inland society conducts various events, talks and workshops to empower people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis and also to the community at large. MSSA also conducts wellness talks, workshops at government departments and at private companies.


Financial assistance is also offered in the form of a monthly cash grant to clients. In this regard an assessment of the client’s financial circumstances is carried out and a recommendation for consideration put forward to the Board. This process ensures that only those in true need receive the monetary assistance. Someone who qualifies for a grant must not have any other significant income source. We encourage all grant applicants to first apply for the government SASSA grant before they approach us for the organizational grant. Please note that applying for our organisational grant does not mean that you will qualify for it. The whole application process is carried out in line with our internal grant assistance policy. If you think you qualify for our grant please contact the office and one of our staff members will assist you.