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Griffith Dixon



Griffith Dixon is an outspoken, modern day young man with old school values. He describes MS as “not an easy ride”, but he speaks about the illness with knowledge and respect. It quickly becomes clear who wears the pants here - and it’s not multiple sclerosis.

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Ruth Tladi



Ruth Tladi is visibly breathless when she approaches us at our table in the McDonald’s at the Diepsloot Mall in Soweto. Although 24 years of age, the short walk from their home to the mall clearly exhausted her. Cousin Abraham follows closely, wiping perspiration from his brow.

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Michael and Brandon find their freedom on Mount Kilimanjaro


michael-and-brandon-find-their-freedom-on-mount-kilimanjaro-01When I meet with the Cole family, Michael (18) just finished his last paper for the matric exam (November 2014). He says he doesn’t quite know how he feels, yet. But typically the young man’s hungry …

Brother, Brandon, still has two years of schooling left, but he does not seem to be daunted by the fact. He too, is hungry. While they enjoy lunch, we speak about climbing mountains.

My first question has to be why? There must have been a considerable incentive for the brothers to choose sponsorship to climb a mountain above birthday gifts? And not any koppie or hill close by, but Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and, at 5,895 metres above sea level, the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

“Initially it was mom’s suggestion,” Brandon says, but after he read Mike Hamill’s book Climbing the Seven Summits, inspiration turned to rigorous research. The family’s love for nature and outdoor living seemed to embrace the adventure and their plan started to gain momentum. They also instinctively knew to whom they will dedicate their Mount Kili climb.

The boys grew up with their great uncle who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his late thirties. They never knew him in any other way. But they do know of his bravery and the dignity with which he carried the illness. “We saw him deteriorate” Michael says and Brandon nods in agreement. “We did, it wasn’t nice” he comments. When their uncle passed away in 2010 due to MS related complications, the boys always played with the idea of one day doing something to create awareness of the illness.

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Brian Eades

11 August 2014

My name is Brian Eades.  I was diagnosed with MS early in 2000, after suffering for some time with co-ordination and general body strength.  This was especially noticeable in my golf, squash, action cricket, gym and even walking and fatigue at work. I was never much of a sportsman but tried everything. I had to give up all sports and join aqua aerobics which I didn’t enjoy.

I had a very high pressure job, being the GM of Marketing Research, New Product Planning and Marketing Planning/Marketing Project Management at Toyota SA. This meant extensive travel to Japan (I’ve been about 50 times) and sometimes Europe as well as lots of local business travel.  My first few years of MS , I had about two attacks a year and used to go for cortisone on my way to work...

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A person with MS sharing her experiences….

3 May 2013

What could the connection be between Multiple Sclerosis and Long distance Trucking in South Africa? ….. Me, Petra de Waal is the connection.

I’ve been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 and Fibro Myalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogrins shortly afterwards. This all means that my nervous system my muscles joints and glands are not so well and do not feel so well most of the time.

I am very fortunate as the spots on my brain are few and far apart and haven’t had a relapse since the beginning of 2010 shortly after I started to inject myself with Betaferon. The other pains I am getting used to by now.

That brings me to trucking: I married my wonderful husband Daan on the 27th of February 2011 and started living on the 16 wheeler that he drives in November last year as we bo...

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Lucille,

Just want to congratulate you on an interesting and informative newsletter!

I have had MS for 20 years now and am happy to say that I am currently well, although my legs have been affected so that I have to use a walker or wheelchair for mobility.  I have a Shoprider electric wheelchair/scooter and love the independence it has given me compared to the standard wheelchair I used previously.  I love watching the reaction of little boys when they see me.  I can just see them thinking:  ‘Why does SHE get to ride that fun scooter when I have to walk?’

Over the years I’ve looked at and tried a number of ways of eating and I think healthy eating definitely makes a difference to well-being...

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