2017 Vaal Support Group Year End Function

The Vaal support group supported by MSSA Inland held their year-end function on the 4th of November 2017, It was a hot day in vanderbijlpark but this did not stop people with MS gathering for a braai, in celebration of  the support group efforts over the years. The function was a great success with more than 11 adults and 6 children in attendance 9 of which were people living with MS. This was a day for members of the group to Live, Laugh, and Love, a day filled with joy and good times was had by all who attended.

 A great day surrounded by special people!! An event worth remembering. Thanks to all that attended…you made this day just that extra special said by  Muhammad Nana a support Group Member  

The Vaal support group was established in 2016 when social workers from MSSA Inland identified a need in the area for members to have a group where they could meet to share and find comfort in the support of others with MS. The Vaal  group are a closely knit  support group and meet regularly on a monthly basis where they share their thoughts views and ideas on living with MS. The group finds comfort in the company of each other supported by visits from the social workers from MSSA Inland.  This group has continued to grow from strength to strength over the years. MSSA Inland is proud to be a part of this group and thanks to each and every member for their continued efforts in sustaining the group and being a part of making this    group something really special. Thank you to the hostess Lea Reynders for extending the invite to all into      her home, Thank you to each and every member who made it to join the group that day and thank you to         Muhammad Nana and Tommy Thompson for ensuring the day was a success and enjoyed by all.


We hope to be a part of the future success of the Vaal support group and will continue to work closely to support them in every way that we can MSSA Inland Branch Manager



As the Vaal support group closes their year with celebrations and what was a delicious braai, we look forward to the year ahead and more great things to come from this amazing group of awesome people. All who wish to join this group are most welcomed and feel free to Contact MSSA Inland for more information on this group or any of the other 4 groups on helpline: 0860456772.