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Unique gene therapy prevents..

Multiple sclerosis can be inhibited or reversed using a novel gene therapy technique that stops the disease’s immune response in mouse models, researchers have found.
Source: Science Daily

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Behavioral approach reduces cognitive fatigue in MS

Multiple sclerosis researchers describe a new nonpharmacological approach to reducing cognitive fatigue in MS. Using functional neuroimaging, they showed the prospect of monetary reward stimulates the fronto-striatal network and reduces cognitive fatigue in MS and controls. This is the first study to demonstrate this effect in an MS population.
Source: Science Daily

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MSSA Inland 2017 AGM

Please click here if you will be attending

Click here to complete a proxy form if you cannot make the meeting

Formal Notice is hereby given that we will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 16th September 2017, at Roche Products offices at 24 Fricker Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Private secured parking is available, and wheelchair access is very easy to the meeting room on the ground floor. If you need a map or directions please let us know. Transport from the Rosebank Gautrain station can also be arranged, if you would like to use the Gautrain.


*We promise to make the AGM a really interesting and informative affair – not just a boring old AGM*– Yes! we have to legally hold the AGM at this time of the year, but we promise to keep the formali...

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