Johan Beugger’s Go Natural Testimony – September 2015

My name is Johan Beugger from Newlands, Cape Town.

On 5 September 2014, I became a very, very old man of 70. I was totally devastated!! Depression seized me and so I stayed, from one day, one week to the next. I was fat and out of shape, weighing slightly more than 112 kilograms. I climbed stairs, one at a time, and it took me 2 sessions, with a rest in between to mow a 6 metre by 6 metre lawn. I was on prescription blood pressure medication, with my blood pressure hovering anywhere between 130 and 140 over about 100, in spite of the medication. I was also on prescription heart burn medication.

I had also slowly begun to lose my mind, and had started doing some very strange and unaccountable things over the past 5 years: Like ending the life- span of a relatively new Defy Auto Maid washing machine; like making a stupid mistake right outside our home and having to replace two tyres on my Ford Falcon as a consequence; like burning out a whistling kettle on a gas stove — how dangerous is that??; like driving along one evening, freezing up and stopping the car in the middle of the road and just sitting there. I had momentarily forgotten where I was, or how to drive. I was well aware that I was in trouble. Estelle was already making enquiries about a psychiatrist for the aged, and I was wondering what would happen the day I forgot to come home. Maybe I should start wearing a dog collar with my name and Estelle’s telephone number on a tag. Everything was totally insurmountable and far too much effort.

And so the months passed with me in the depths of despair, convinced I was into the last few years of my life — if I was lucky enough to still have a few years.

Then, on Wednesday 14 January 2015 something happened that turned my whole life around!! Estelle drew my attention to a two page article written by Johan Jacobs in the January issue of the JOY magazine, a Christian magazine to which we subscribe. I had glanced at it, seen it as an advert, and passed on. She encouraged me to read it, saying she felt sure it could help me lots. This time, I read the article. It caught my attention to such an extent, I went to the Go Natural website, and read the whole thing. I got so excited to find out that he, Johan, was in Somerset West, that I could not wait for Saturday morning.

Estelle had to take leave on Friday 16 January and off we went to Johan and Alicia’s Go Natural health shop for the first time. We came home with two of his books, one for each of us, a distiller and a blender. We had actually left the shop, thought about it, and gone back for the second book, realising it was going to be a contest as to who was going to be reading the book. It was just as well, as Estelle’s is now a well-worn reference book permanently in the kitchen with all sorts of page markers stuck into it. Mine is still in pristine condition, and I’m carefully reading it for a second time. Since then other pieces of equipment such as a stone mill, a dehydrator, and a roller for Oats have been added, to further enhance our completely organic life style. We haven’t eaten anything off supermarket shelves for the past 7 months. We also use the most excellent washing powder in our automatic washing machine, purchased from Johan’s Go Natural health shop. At my uncompromising insistence we own a spare distiller, not even unpacked, just in case the one in use should need attention. The quality of equipment form Johan’s shop is phenomenal. Our distiller has produced in the last 7 months, well over 2500 litres of distilled water without any problems whatsoever!

Within a matter of weeks after meeting him, Johan had referred us to Letitia Versveld, a dentist based in Pinelands, and qualified in the “Hal Huggins dental procedures”. Our mouths were thoroughly assessed and my amalgam fillings were removed under special safety precautions and replaced with non-toxic material. I had steadily been poisoned by 3 micrograms of mercury, per filling, PER DAY, into my blood stream over many, many years. Within a matter of weeks, the “Head-Filled-With-Cotton Wool” feeling that I had been describing to doctors that didn’t know what I was talking about, had disappeared. Without this treatment, I was well on my way, to old age and dementia. My mind is clearer and sharper than it was 10 or even 15 years ago.

I weigh 32 kilograms less than I did a year ago, and am taking no blood pressure medication anymore. When Dr. Carel Bredell measured my blood pressure a few weeks ago, it was 120/ 80.

On Saturday 5 September 2015, I turned 71, and am looking forward to many, many more years of great living!! How different 5 September 2015 was from 5 September 2014!! A very big thank you and much gratitude goes to my wife Estelle, who has helped and supported me in this life style all the way. We are both fully and totally committed to this excellent way of life.

Go Natural is by far the most excellent and comprehensive book on a vastly superior life style I have ever had the good fortune of being exposed to! It covers every aspect necessary for a very superior life:

  1. Water. The absolute foundation of good health is the drinking of pure, distilled water in sufficient quantities to ensure that your body is never thirsty. It flushes toxins and inorganic mineral deposits out of your joints, veins and arteries, and most certainly is extremely effective for reducing blood pressure and constipation.
  2. Teeth – your mouth. Very few people are aware that this can be the difference between life and death. This is very comprehensively covered.
  3. Food — nutrition. Without effective and proper nutrition, your immune system cannot protect you from life threatening diseases, such as cancer.
  4. Spiritual. Life is but a flash – an instant in time. Without working on, and having a meaningful relationship with the LORD, all this is futile and meaningless.

Anyone wondering whether I’m “For Real”, is welcome to make contact with me through Dr. Carel Bredell or Johan Jacobs at Go Natural.

As Johan Jacobs said when we first met him, it only gets better all the time. If anyone out there reading this already owns his book, Go Natural, read it, take action, and start living. If you don’t have it, get your copy NOW and choose life!!