Support Group Report

Date : June 2015
Venue : Ann Harding Cheshire Home
Facilitator/Social Worker: Millicent Riba

The MSSA inland branch had yet another support group session on 18 June 2015 at 11h30 at Ann Harding Cheshire Home. The purpose and aim of the support group is for people with Multiple Sclerosis to meet together and discuss their experiences, share ideas and provide emotional support. We hope that through this group, our clients can realise that they are not alone, that there people who share their problems.

The group met this week on the topic  “WHAT IS MS”. It was a wonderful session. Attendance was okay though we were hoping for for better attendance at the next support group . There was an open discussion and information was shared.

We are having another session this week on the 25 of June 2015 at 11h30 and would really encourage your attendance as the hot topic this week is “Managing the symptoms of MS”