Causes of MS

Despite intensive research on this condition, there are no known common causes of MS. The following factors have been considered but the causes of MS in relation to them are still unknown.


Viruses were initial suspects as causes of MS. However, there is still little or none known scientifically proven facts so far of any specific viruses that can cause this condition.

Genetic Predisposition

It has been stated by scientists that some people may be more susceptible to MS if they have a relative who has suffered from MS before. This does not mean that they inherit the condition genetically. It means however, that when such a person encounters certain environmental conditions, MS may be triggered in them. It is still unknown however, as to which environmental conditions predispose such people to get MS,.

Geographic and climatic factors

Despite lack of proof as to which environmental conditions cause MS, there is compelling evidence that geographical location can predisposes people to get MS. It is well known worldwide for instance that MS occurrence is much higher in the temperate regions of the world than in hot climatic conditions such as in Africa.

Gender, Racial, Socio-Economic Status

According to research, women are the more susceptible to MS than men. This however, seems to be more racially and geographically based. For instance while black people of African origin may be regarded as not susceptible to the condition here in South Africa, this is not the case in the United States of America where there is a high proportion of black males who are suffering from MS. Gender wise black females are said to be affected minimally in the U.S.A.  than the males. Contrary to this, in terms of white people, this is the opposite as more white females are the most affected than white males as in South Africa. With regard to socio-economic status, there is no scientific evidence that wealth determines whether one will get MS OR not.