Brian Eades

11 August 2014

My name is Brian Eades.  I was diagnosed with MS early in 2000, after suffering for some time with co-ordination and general body strength.  This was especially noticeable in my golf, squash, action cricket, gym and even walking and fatigue at work. I was never much of a sportsman but tried everything. I had to give up all sports and join aqua aerobics which I didn’t enjoy.

I had a very high pressure job, being the GM of Marketing Research, New Product Planning and Marketing Planning/Marketing Project Management at Toyota SA. This meant extensive travel to Japan (I’ve been about 50 times) and sometimes Europe as well as lots of local business travel.  My first few years of MS , I had about two attacks a year and used to go for cortisone on my way to work. Attacks went down to about one a year. In 2006, I was promoted to GM of Marketing Communication (Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations etc) which reduced international travel but drastically increased stress with a big staff, contractors and an enormous budget for Marketing activities. By 2008, I had had enough of the stress and my Neuro boarded me. My attacks reduced, but I had big family stress and had 3 attacks in 5 months at the end of 2011. My recovery has been was slow but consistent in the last 2 years.

In January of this year, I started exercising with a Biokenetist. My strength and balance started improving immediately.  I am a really determined person and by the end of March, I decided it was time to do something for the PwMS that can’t afford care, and to create awareness for the disease.  I heard the Discovery 702 walk the talk advertised and thought it was the ideal way to do raise some funds and awareness.  I selected a team of 38 (mostly couch potatoes), and entered the team. My Avonex supplier Litha Pharma offered to sponsor us.  I started walk training and got up to 5 or 6 km 3 times a week as well as Biokinetics exercise. About 15 of our team entered the 20 km walk (not the couch potatoes). I  also entered 20km but Prof Modi, By Bio (Lizette of Biokinetics) and my wife insisted that I do less. I reduced my target and did 10 km (plus 3km walk to the parking and back.). The rest of the team, including my 7 year old grandson did the 5km.  What a rewarding experience!  The organising, publicity (I arranged an interview on Radio702 / Cape Talk) and lots of Facebooking> The brilliant team spirit and we were a stand out with our orange kit on the walk.  What a team (The whole walk of 50 000 participants had a great time). Donations are rolling in as well.

So, If you know someone with MS, don’t give up, and challenge them to adopt my moto “KEEP ON WALKING”
Brian Eades
076 420 9830