Walk for MSSA Inland Branch

27th July 2014

The Discovery 702 walk is now reputed to be the biggest race in the world with 50 000 participants. It takes place this year from Marks Park in Joburg on 27th July.

Brian Eades (a PwMS) Person with Multiple Sclerosis since 2000 has entered the walk to raise funds for needy PwMS that cannot afford expensive medications, carers, and wheel chairs/mobility aids, etc. He has selected a team of 38 members.  He has entered the 20km fun walk, but his advisors (Neuro Prof, Biokineticist and wife are insisting that he aim for a lesser distance).

Brian is challenging you to sponsor him to do the fun walk.  You can pledge a rand sum per km walked by him or a fixed donation.  Every cent counts, but I’m hoping you will pledge between R10 and R50 per km. You only need to make your donation after the race. Just let him know about your pledge at brian@eades.co.za so he can keep you updated on his distance achieved.

Donations can be made directly to the MS society by EFT.  

Bank Account: MSSA – Inland
Bank: Standard
Branch: Melville 006105
Account no: 401024342
Reference: “Walk” and “Brian” so we can calculate the total fund raised by him.
NPO Number: 007-909
PBO Number: 18/11/13/3447

Thank you for your generous support.

We need your support. Please donate generously. KEEP on WALKING. Thank You

What is MS (Multiple Sclerosis)?

MS is an auto-immune disease with progressive debilitating effects on PwMS (People with MS).

In layman’s terms, there are multiple sclerosis (scars) that form on the brain or brain stem cells.  These sores attack the protective sheath (myelin) covering the brain and nerves in the brain stem. The sclerosis are caused by the PwMS’s immune system being too active and attacking the body (brain). This results in a distorted or no message being transmitted to muscles; most often legs, arms, eyes, speech and bladder. Balance, walking stability, hand eye co-ordination, dizziness, numbness, shaking and chronic fatigue are the most obvious symptoms.  It also often affects the person’s cognitive function in terms of memory, organisational skills, decision making and lack of “getup-and-go”.  What’s really frustrating for medical practitioners and carers is that no two persons have identical symptoms, and symptoms in a single person vary over time depending on where the current flare-up attack is.

There is no known cause of MS there is also and there is no cure discovered yet.  There is also no way to predict the rate of progression of attacks on the PwMS. In the last 20 years there have been massive strides in the introduction of Beta-interferon’s that have a delaying effect in attacks. This medication is extremely expensive and can only really be afforded by those with excellent medical aids or very, very rich families. Without care, PwMS could end up using walking aids or wheelchairs in a relatively short time.

For more info, visit www.multiplesclerosis.co.za  or www.mssainland.org.za or other websites.