Update on MSSA Inland Events held for World MS Day:


Event 25 May 2013: Celebrating World MS Day

A successful MSSA Inland event for world multiple sclerosis day was held at MSSA inland branch offices in Sophiatown on 25 may 2013. Members had the opportunity to meet with each other and interact with staff and committee. We had our members Estelle Schlebusch and Prof David Piemer  share their own experience with the disease and Doctor Mochan from wits medical school opened the floor for discussion amongst the members and were given the opportunity to ask medical advice. An absolutely fantastic lunch was sponsored by Aliki and Nick Angelopoulos from Millenium Meat and Nikos Nikitidis from Parea Greek Resturaunt. We would like to say a big Thank you to Aliki and family for all their help, we appreciate all support from our members and look forward to having you all at our next event. Keep an eye out for upcoming events with MSSA Inland Branch. Thanks to the organizing team and staff for all their assistance in making our event a success.
For more info on the tasty treats and for a great Greek Mezze served at MS Event: Please visit Milenium meat: www.millenniummeat.co.za and the Parea Taverna grill and Mezze cafe in Illovo: Please visit  www.parea.co.za

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Visit to Anne Harding

On the 25th of may we celebrated World MS Day ,a couple of committee members enjoyed the event at the MS house and went through to Anne Harding to celebrate with some of the members who were unable to attend the event.

We took the party to the MS patients at Anne Harding, where Thembi and Tarryn joined the MS patients for some snacks, we shared tales of Living with MS and some patients shared a story that inspired me to share with all of you.
Krystal Gillis shared her experience of living with MS , she has discovered Knitting as a method to stop the shaking. She use to shake and slowly with knitting she has been able to overcome this problem she said “ with Gods help she is here, she is able to paint now” Krystal donated a beautiful picture of tigers to be hung at the MS house as a reminder to us all, what is possible when you fight to live when you gather the courage and the strength and never give up. Krystal’s story is one of hope and it encourages all of us to keep the faith.
A big Thank you to the Nurses at Anne harding for assisting our members and joining our party at the home. Fun was had by all, and we can’t wait to visit again.

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