Letter to the Editor

Dear Lucille,

Just want to congratulate you on an interesting and informative newsletter!

I have had MS for 20 years now and am happy to say that I am currently well, although my legs have been affected so that I have to use a walker or wheelchair for mobility.  I have a Shoprider electric wheelchair/scooter and love the independence it has given me compared to the standard wheelchair I used previously.  I love watching the reaction of little boys when they see me.  I can just see them thinking:  ‘Why does SHE get to ride that fun scooter when I have to walk?’

Over the years I’ve looked at and tried a number of ways of eating and I think healthy eating definitely makes a difference to well-being.  After reading up on the Blood Group diet I learnt that the B blood group (which I belong to ) is the group mostly affected by diseases like MS.  Would be interesting to find out how many MS sufferers have B group blood.  Anyway I have been following the diet for a while now and am feeling really healthy and well.  As the article on diet stated, there is no diet proven to aid MS but I think healthy eating can only be of benefit.

In terms of exercise I subscribe to the ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it?’ theory and think we need to exercise as much as we are able to.  I’ve found that swimming is the best exercise for me and have swum the disabled class of the Midmar Mile twice.  Am aiming for Midmar 2014 again!

Thanks for an excellent newsletter!


Nicolette Bosman
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