Kitchen Tips

  • Use rubberised cloth as a place mat to put underneath your crockery to prevent it sliding around. These cloths come in handy when using a mixing bowl, it won’t spin round.
  • Place frequently used appliances i.e. toasters, egg boilers, sandwich toasters, etc. on counter tops instead of storing them in cabinets.
  • Consider replacing your manual appliances with electrical appliances i.e. tin openers, meat cutting knives, blenders, etc.
  • A cutting board with prongs or spikes will provide grip when you place food items on it to cut.
  • Line baking pans with foil to minimise clean up.
  • Use serrated steak knives for cutting foods during mealtime, keep them sharpened – it is safer to use than blunt knives.
  • Place two tight rubber bands a centimetre or so apart around a drinking glass, it will make it easier to grasp and hold onto.