Bathroom Tips

  • Put a bar of soap in the foot part of pantyhose, knot the pantyhose around the tap, your soap will now be easy to reach without slipping out of your hands and the hose can double as cloth.
  • Bathtub and shower handles will help you to balance and hold onto when you enter slippery areas. These “Safe-er-Grip” handles have easy flip-up release tabs for stress free installation and removal. Suction cup design is easy to attach, remove or relocate. Obtainable at Mica Stores.
  • If you are keen on a shower, consider the use of a shower caddy, a basket that can either hang from the shower head or can be attached to the wall. The container will hold your soap, shampoo and other goods and prevent you from having to bend down.
  • Use decorative non slip tape or decals on the shower floor to prevent slipping.
  • If you use a rubber mat, remember to put it into the washing machine regularly to prevent slippery soapy build up.
  • Pop-up tissues are easier to grab than flat lying ones.
  • Substitute your face cloth with a wash glove or soft sponge. They are easier to use when your hands are weak or clumsy.
  • Turntables in the bathroom (or even your cupboards) will make items easy to retrieve.